Recruitment and Selection Policy

Agency/DivisionHealth Benefits/NC Medicaid (DHB)
Policy Effective Date 2019-04-01T10:50:00-04:00
Policy File Recruitment and Selection Policy.pdf

Policy Purpose

The Division of Health Benefits (DHB) is committed to employ, in its best judgment, the most qualified candidates for the approved division positions while engaging in the recruitment and selection practices that are in compliance with all applicable employment laws. It is the policy of DHB to comply with all applicable federal and state laws and regulations prohibiting discrimination on the grounds of race, gender, color, age, disability, genetic information, religion, national origin or citizenship status or veteran’s status in matter related to employment. All personnel decisions are made without regard to political affiliation, in accordance with 5 CFR 900.603(e) and (f). The appropriate authorization is required to initiate any action for an open position, including any recruitment efforts, advertising, interviewing and offers of employment, and is required to extend any offers of employment to any candidate. This policy applies to all current employees, former employees, and job applicants.