Child Welfare Services Manual
2007 Administrative Letters


Review Process, Protocol/Instrument and Review Pilot Process
FSCWS-18-07: Attachment 1
FSCWS-18-07: Attachment 2
FSCWS-18-07: Attachment 3
FSCWS-18-07: Attachment 4

FSCWS-17-07  Use of a Child's Resources Immediately
FSCWS-16-07  New Procedures for Agency Error County Responsible Overpayment (CROP) and Agency Error Client Collectible (AE_C) January 1, 2008
FSCWS-14-07  Social Security Cost- of-Living Increase for 2008 (COLA) January 1, 2008
FSCWS-13-07  Interstate Match Addendum 1 November 14, 2008
FSCWS-13-07  Interstate Match January 1, 2008
FSCWS-11-07  Citizenship and Identity Verification for Work First September 1, 2007
FSCWS-10-07  Family Support and Child Welfare Legislative Changes As Individually Signed into Law or Provided Effective Dates
FSCW-09-07  Veteran's Affairs Match September 04, 2007
FSCWS-08-07  Use of Minimum Wage For Work Experience September 1, 2007
FSCWS-07-07  Release of HIV status and information on a child in DSS custody to foster parents and residential care providers Immediately
FSCWS-06-07  Social Security Administration Data Access in SCC4CICS and Online Verification June 7, 2007
FSCWS-05-07  National Directory of New Hire Upon receipt
FSCWS-04-07  New Federal Legislation and Implementation Dates Immediately
FSCWS-03-07  Work First: Title IV-B, Title IV-E, And Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) Citizenship/Identity Requirements March 23, 2007

Use of Electronic Signatures

FSCWS-01-07  Expunction Policy Clarification
FSCWS-01-07: Attachment