Services Information System (SIS) Manual

SIS100 Instructions for the SIS Client Entry Form DSS-5027

100.01 Purpose of the Form
100.02 Use of the Form
100.03 Completing the Form
100.04 DSS-5027 Data Entry Instructions

SIS101 Services Information System Client Entry Form DSS-5027 Appendix A

101.01 Definitions of Table Values for Standard Fields - Section I
101.02 Definitions of Table Values for Reserved Fields - Section II

SIS200 Instructions for Worker Daily Report of Services DSS-4263

200.01 Purpose of the Form
200.02 By Whom Prepared
200.03 When Prepared
200.04 General Instructions
200.05 Instructions for Federal Reporting Information and Referral Activities
200.06 Special Instructions for Worker Daily Report of Services DSS-4263
200.07 DSS-4263 Data Entry Instructions
200.07.01 DSS-4263 Data Entry Specific Items

SIS300 Service Codes and Definitions Appendix B

300.01 Child Welfare Services
300.02 Adult Services
300.03 Other Services
300.04 Other Administrative Activities
300.05 Food Stamp Employment & Training and Workfare
300.06 Work First Services
300.07 Income Maintenance Activities
300.08 North Carolina Families Accessing Services Through Technology (NCFAST) Activities
300.09 Definition

SIS400 Program Code Definitions Appendix C

400.01 County Specific Program Codes
400.02 Income Maintenance Program Codes

SIS500 Repatriation Services Appendix D