Work First User's Manual

WF-50 Introduction

  • WF-50.01 Systems Overview
  • WF-50.02 Security
  • WF-50.03 Confidentiality

WF-100 EIS Logon and Logoff Procedures

  • WF-100.01 General
  • WF-100.02 EIS Logon Instructions
  • WF-100.03 Logoff Procedures

 WF-104 General Use

  • WF-104.01 Systems
  • WF-104.02 Conventions of Data Entry

 WF-105 Glossary

WF-200 Common Name Data Service

  • WF-200.01 Name/SSN Search/Id Assignment
  • WF-200.02 Absent Parent Database
  • WF-200.03 Multiple Individual Id Resolution
  • WF-200.04 Case Id Search
  • WF-200.05 Changes to Data in the CNDS
  • WF-200.06 Payee Search

WF-300 EIS Inquiries

  • WF-301 Application Inquiry (AD) General Information
  • WF-301.01 Methods
  • WF-301.02 Results
  • WF-302 Budget History (BH)
  • WF-303 Case Level Inquiries
  • WF-303.01 Current Case Data (CD)
  • WF-303.02 Individuals in A Case (CI)
  • WF-303.03 All Case History (CC)
  • WF-303.04 Case History (CH)
  • WF-303.05 Case Multi-Values (CM)
  • WF-303.06 Special Coverage (CS)
  • WF-304 Check History (PC)
  • WF-305 Family Violence (FV)
  • WF-306 Individual Inquires
  • WF-306.01 Current Individual Data (ID)
  • WF-306.02 Current Individual Profile (IP)
  • WF-306.03 Individual Medicaid Eligibility History (IE)
  • WF-306.04 Managed Care Provider Database (MP)
  • WF-306.05 Managed Care History Inquiry (MI)
  • WF-306.06 Medicare A/B/C Entitlement Data (MB)
  • WF-306.07 Medicare D Entitlement/Enrollment (MD)
  • WF-307 Sanction Data (SA)
  • WF-308 Third Party Recovery Inquiry (TPR)
  • WF-308.01 TPR Policy Data (TP)
  • WF-308.02 Individual Data (TI)
  • WF-308.03 Case Id Data (Tc)
  • WF-308.04 Insurance Companies by Code
  • WF-309 Worker/Supervisor Inquiries
  • WF-309.01 Caseworker Inquiry (WI)
  • WF-309.02 Supervisor Inquiry (SI)
  • WF-310 Work First/Transitional Quarterly Reporting (QR)

 WF-400 Verification Inquiries

  • WF-401 Beneficiary Data Exchange (BENDEX)
  • WF-402 State Data Exchange (SDX)
  • WF-403 State Online Query (SOLQ)
  • WF-404 Reserved for Future Entries
  • WF-405 Department of Corrections (OPUS)
  • WF-406 Dot- State Titling and Registration System (STARS)
  • WF-407 Master Client Index (MCI)
  • WF-408 Reserved for Future Entries
  • WF-409 Online Verification (OLV)

WF-500 Systematic Alien Verification Eligibility (Save) Inquiries

  • WF-500.01 General Information
  • WF-500.02 Accessing the System
  • WF-500.03 Case Administration
  • WF-500.04 User Administration
  • WF-500.05 Site Administration
  • WF-500.06 Additional Resources
  • WF-500.07 Logoff

WF600 NCXPTR – Report Distribution System

  • WF610 - Reports
  • WF610.01 EIS Reports
  • WF610.02 IEVES Reports

WF-700 Dss-8124, Dss-8125, and Check History Codes

  • WF-700.01 Case Level Coding
  • WF-700.02 Individual Level Coding
  • WF-701 Application Disposition Codes
  • WF-701.01 Denial Codes
  • WF-701.02 Withdrawal Codes
  • WF-701.03 Approval Codes
  • WF-702 Change Codes
  • WF-703 Termination Codes – Dss-8110a

WF-800 Dss-8124 Screen Instructions

  • WF-800.01 Accessing the Dss-8124 Process
  • WF-800.02 Keying an Application/Reapplication
  • WF-800.03 Making Changes to A Keyed Application
  • WF-800.04 Denying an Application
  • WF-800.05 Withdrawing Applications (Application Types 1, 2, 3, and 6)
  • WF-800.06 Date Screen

 WF-900 Automated Child Support Referral

  • WF-900.01 Referral Via Dss-8124 Process
  • WF-900.02 Referral After Application
  • WF-900.03 Completing the Referral
  • WF-900.04 Child Support EIS/ACTS Interface
  • WF-900.05 – Payment Data Information

WF-1000 Automated Budget

  • WF-1000.01 General Information
  • WF-1000.02 Accessing the Automated Budget
  • WF-1000.03 Calculating an Initial Budget
  • WF-1000.04 Reviewing, Changing, Or Calculating an Adjusted Payment or Overpayment
  • WF-1000.05 Add-An-Individual or Inclusion Approval
  • WF-1000.06 Budget History

WF-1100 On-Line Dss-8125 Screen Instructions

  • WF-1100.01 Accessing the Dss-8125 Process
  • WF-1100.02 Dss-8125 General Information
  • WF-1100.03 Application Approvals
  • WF-1100.04 Disposition Date
  • WF-1100.05 Making Changes to An Active Case
  • WF-1100.06 Making Changes to An Inactive (Terminated) Case

 WF-1200 Benefit Issuance

  • WF-1200.01 General Information
  • WF-1200.02 Regular Run/Program Cut-Off
  • WF-1200.03 Program Deadlines
  • WF-1200.04 General Instructions - Dma-5022
  • WF-1200.05 Requesting Replacement Checks

WF-1300 Work First Benefits

  • WF-1300.01 General Information
  • WF-1300.02 Accessing the Work First Benefits Screen
  • WF-1300.03 Work First Benefits (Codes)
  • WF-1300.04 Check Issuance Through the Work First Benefits Screen
  • WF-1300.05 Change in Status from Issue Pending to Hold Status
  • WF-1300.06 Payments with A System Generated Frozen Status
  • WF-1300.07 Work First Benefits History
  • WF-1300.08 Work First Benefits and Eligibility Tracking
  • WF-1300.09 AAF Automatic Transfer to MAF-C

WF-1400 Tracking Functions

  • WF-1400.01 24/60 Month Time Limit Tracking
  • WF-1400.02 Benefit Diversion Tracking
  • WF-1400.03 Work First Family Violence Waiver Tracking
  • WF-1400.04 Job Bonus Tracking
  • WF-1400.05 Work First Family Assistance Sanction Tracking
  • WF-1400.06 Teen Parent Tracking
  • WF-1400.07 Work First/Transitional Quarterly Reporting
  • WF-1400.08 Job Quit Tracking
  • WF-1400.09 Disability Tracking

 WF-1500 Medicaid Coverage Procedures

  • WF-1500.01 Deductible Balance/Patient Monthly Liability Screen/SP(DB/PML)
  • WF-1501 Managed Care (HMO)
  • WF-1501.01 General Information
  • WF-1501.02 HMO Policy
  • WF-1501.03 HMO On-Line Enrollment
  • WF-1501.04 Managed Care Enrollment Screen Instructions
  • WF-1501.05 Initial HMO Enrollment
  • WF-1501.06 Managed Care History Inquiry
  • WF-1501.07 Managed Care Provider Data Inquiry
  • WF-1501.08 Individual and Medicaid Eligibility History Inquiry
  • WF-1501.09 Case/Individual Changes and HMO
  • WF-1501.10 Db/PML Screen and HMO
  • WF-1501.11 Medicaid Id Cards for HMO Enrollees
  • WF-1501.12 HMO Reports
  • WF-1502 Carolina Access
  • WF-1502.01 How to Enter the Carolina Access Code
  • WF-1503 Third Party Recovery
  • WF-1504 1634 Procedures

WF-1600 TDC – TANF Collection Report Instructions

  • WF-1600.01 General
  • WF-1600.02 System Access
  • WF-1600.03 General Rules for Data Completion for TANF Sample Cases
  • WF-1600.04 Case Level Data (Family Screen)
  • WF-1600.05 Person Level Data (Adults Screen)
  • WF-1600.06 Children Data Screen
  • WF-1600.07 The Affiliate Data Screen
  • WF-1600.08 Search Criteria
  • WF-1600.09 Logging Out of The TANF Data Collection System
  • WF-1600.10 Review for Completion and Accuracy

WF-1700 State Office Contacts

  • WF-1700.01 Division of Information Resource Management (DIRM)
  • WF1700.02 Division of Social Services (DSS)
  • WF1700.03 Division of Medical Assistance (DMA)
  • WF1700.04 Division of Aging and Adult Services (DAAS)

WF-1800 Broadcast Messages

EP-100 Introduction

  • EP-100.01 General Information
  • EP-100.02 Confidentiality of Client Information

EP-200 System Access

  • EP-200.01 Logon Procedures
  • EP-200.02 Accessing the Data Entry Screen
  • EP-200.03 Logoff Procedures

EP-300 EPIS Inquiries

  • EP-300.01 Participant Data Information
  • EP-300.02 Participant Component Information
  • EP-300.03 Participant Employment Information
  • EP-300.04 Name Search
  • EP-300.05 Participation Rate Queries
  • EP-300.06 PF Keys

EP-400 Dss-6908

  • EP-400.01 Description of The Dss-6908
  • EP-400.02 General Instructions
  • EP-400.03 Dss-6908 Data Fields

EP-500 Codes

EP-600 Data Entry

  • EP-600.01 Initial Employment Services Assessment
  • EP-600.02 Component Participation Reporting Procedures
  • EP-600.03 Employment Reporting Procedures
  • EP-600.04 Completion/Closure of An Open Component
  • EP-600.05 Completion/Closure of Employment Data
  • EP-600.06 Changes
  • EP-600.07 Deletions
  • EP-600.08 Case Closures
  • EP-600.09 County Reassignment
  • EP-600.10 Program Transfers
  • EP-600.11 Processing and Outputs
  • EP-600.12 Error Messages

EP-601 Historical Data Entry

  • EP-601.01 General Information
  • EP-601.02 Access to Historical Client Record - Add Screen
  • EP-601.03 Historical Client Record - Add
  • EP-601.04 Historical Dss-6908
  • EP-601.05 EPIS Historical Component/Employment Data Reports

EP-602 Participant Tracking

  • EP-602.01 General Information
  • EP-602.02 Access to Participant Tracking
  • EP-602.03 Participant Tracking Screen

EP-700 Administrative Procedures

  • EP-700.01 Ordering Forms
  • EP-700.02 Records Retention

EP-800 System Generated Reports