Work First Manual
2003 Change Notices

Number Subject Effective Date
10-2003 When keying hours into EPIS for October 2003, verify that hours are entered for five weeks. Upon receipt
09-2003 This change gives instructions for assessing the eligibility of battered immigrants and removes instructions on deeming the income of sponsors. September 1, 2003
08-2003 Section 113 of the Work First Manual is deleted and instructions on determining incapacity are moved from Section 113 into Section 119. September 1, 2003
07-2003 The purpose of this change notice is to incorporate instructions for writing off claims for overpayments and to incorporate policy regarding the “O” Appeal Indicator for North Carolina Debt Setoff from DSS Administrative Letter 6-2002. July 1, 2003,
06-2003 Specific requirements are listed to clarify which eligibility requirements of the Work First Family Assistance Program must be met for Benefit Diversion. July 1, 2003
05-2003 The federal poverty guidelines for this year have been received. This change notice provides the updated monthly amounts for 2003. May 1, 2003
04-2003 The purpose of this change notice is to delete all references to Automated Food Stamps (AFS).
March 1, 2003
3-2003  The purpose of this change is to clarify existing Family Violence Policy to include more specific guidelines in the areas of training, notification, screening, waivers, and confidentiality.
02-2003 This section adds new policy, criteria and instructions for reporting aliens who are residing in the U.S. unlawfully. February 1, 2003
01-2003 The purpose of this Change Notice is to revise the EPIS Reporting Calendar to reflect the weeks for Federal Fiscal Year 2003. January 1, 2003