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DSS Fiscal Manual

0. DSS Fiscal Manual (Full)pdf3 MB
1. Introductionpdf227 KB
2. Determination of Allowable/Unallowable Costpdf667 KB
3. Developing Cost on the DSS-1571 Reportpdf889 KB
4. DSS-1571 Submissionspdf229 KB
5. Reconciling County’s General Ledger to DSS-1571 Reimbursement Reportpdf381 KB
6. Payment Processpdf245 KB
7. Adjustments by State Office to DSS-1571 Reports and Single Audit Follow-Up Procedurespdf236 KB
8. Special Procurement Practices and Management of Propertypdf320 KB
Appendix I: Social Services Fiscal Manual Indexpdf236 KB
Appendix II: Abbreviationspdf47 KB
Appendix III: Controller’s Office and Fiscal Office Organization Indexpdf134 KB
Appendix IV: NC X/PTR Report Names and Descriptions Indexpdf122 KB
Appendix V: Request to Direct Charge, Expense or Depreciate Equipmentpdf18 KB
Appendix VI: ADP Equipmentpdf56 KB
Appendix VII: Statement of Administrative Costspdf140 KB
Appendix VIII: Preliminary County DSS Administrative Reimbursement Reportpdf92 KB
A. Collection Service Contractspdf9 KB