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Child Welfare Services

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010_Purpose, Philosophy, Legal Basis and Staffingpdf436 KBmanualpdf
002_Assessmentspdf951 KBmanualpdf
011_RAMS Manualpdf282 KBmanualpdf
009_Permanency Planningpdf2 MBmanualpdf
001_Adoptionspdf1 MBmanualpdf
008_Interstate Compact on the Placement of Childrenpdf704 KBmanualpdf
006_Foster Home Licensing Manualpdf1 MBmanualpdf
003_Child Fatality Prevention and Reviewpdf587 KBmanualpdf
005_Cross Functionpdf2 MBmanualpdf
012_Appendix 1. CPS Data Collectionpdf4 MBmanualpdf
013_Appendix 2. CPPS Manualpdf642 KBmanualpdf
014_Appendix 3.1 Child Welfare Funding – Overviewpdf104 KBmanualpdf
015_Appendix 3.2 Child Welfare Funding – Child Welfare Fundingpdf172 KBmanualpdf
016_Appendix 3.3 Child Welfare Funding – Prevention Fundingpdf72 KBmanualpdf
017_Appendix 3.4 Child Welfare Funding – CPSpdf109 KBmanualpdf
018_Appendix 3.5 Child Welfare Funding – Foster Carepdf654 KBmanualpdf
020_Appendix 3.7 Child Welfare Funding – Guardian Assistance Paymentspdf189 KBmanualpdf
021_Appendix 4 Pregnancy Servicespdf197 KBmanualpdf
022_Appendix 5 Case Recordspdf85 KBmanualpdf
023_Appendix 6 Best Practice for Social Worker Well-Beingpdf84 KBmanualpdf
Child Welfare Practice Guidance for LGBTQ+ Youthpdf173 KBpolicypdf
Child Welfare Resources for Substance Affected Infants & Plan of Safe Carepdf192 KBpolicypdf
Firearm Safety Guidance Documentpdf219 KBpolicypdf
CMEP Resource: CAPP Referral Processpdf374 KBpolicypdf
CMEP Resource: CMEP Portal Instructions for Social Workerspdf414 KBpolicypdf
CMEP Resource: Information for Child Welfare on Clinical Assessment of Protective Parenting (CAPP)pdf375 KBpolicypdf
County Attestationpdf798 KBpolicypdf
County Disaster Report on Child Welfare Programxlsx40 KBpolicyxlsx
Disaster Toolkitpdf10 MBpolicypdf
CPS Administrative Policypdf209 KBpolicypdf
Safe Sleep Practice Guide for Child Welfare Workerspdf650 KBpolicypdf
Does Your Baby Sleep Safe?pdf3 MBpolicypdf
Help Your Baby Sleep Saferpdf3 MBpolicypdf
Fatality Review Record Checklistpdf106 KBpolicypdf
Fatality Review Confidentiality Statementpdf166 KBpolicypdf
FSCWS-03-2000: New Federal Guidance Relating to ASFA and IV-E Eligibilitypdf137 KBadministrative-letterpdf
FSCWS-05-2001: New Voluntary Placement Agreement Form (DSS 1789) Revised Standardspdf9 KBadministrative-letterpdf
FSCWS-02-2001: Legislative Changes Impacting County DSS Policy and PracticeAttachment – Information and Guidelines Regarding Implementationpdf37 KBadministrative-letterpdf
FSCWS-01-2001: New Requirements Relating to Federal AFDC-EA Settlement Agreementpdf127 KBadministrative-letterpdf
FSCWS-07-2002: Extension of Effective Date Regarding IV-E Administrative Costs for Children Placed in Unlicensed Foster Family Homespdf62 KBadministrative-letterpdf
FSCWS-06-2002: Policy on Abducted or Runaway Foster Childrenpdf121 KBadministrative-letterpdf
FSCWS-06-2002: Attachmentpdf13 KBadministrative-letterpdf
FSCWS-05-2002: Revised Children’s Services Family Foster Home and Child-Placing Agency Rules and Licensing Formspdf130 KBadministrative-letterpdf
FSCWS-04-2002: Family Risk Re-Assessment and Reunification Assessment Tool Sectionspdf128 KBadministrative-letterpdf
FSCWS-03-2002: Additional Protocol in Reporting CPS Case Decisions to the Licensing Authoritypdf71 KBadministrative-letterpdf
FSCWS-03-2002: Attachmentpdf23 KBadministrative-letterpdf
FSCWS-02-2002: Structured Decision Making Assessment Tools and Revised Children’s Services Standardspdf68 KBadministrative-letterpdf
FSCWS-02-2002: Attachment 1pdf72 KBadministrative-letterpdf
FSCWS-02-2002: Attachment 2pdf114 KBadministrative-letterpdf
FSCWS-02-2002: Attachment 3pdf162 KBadministrative-letterpdf
FSCWS-02-2002: Attachment 4pdf152 KBadministrative-letterpdf
FSCWS-02-2002: Attachment 5pdf96 KBadministrative-letterpdf
FSCWS-02-2002: Attachment 6pdf100 KBadministrative-letterpdf
FSCWS-02-2002: Attachment 7pdf104 KBadministrative-letterpdf
FSCWS-02-2002: Attachment 8pdf14 KBadministrative-letterpdf
FSCWS-02-2002: Attachment 9pdf33 KBadministrative-letterpdf
FSCWS-02-2002: Attachment 10pdf33 KBadministrative-letterpdf
FSCWS-02-2002: Attachment 11pdf33 KBadministrative-letterpdf
FSCWS-01-2002: New Child Welfare Assessment Instrumentspdf135 KBadministrative-letterpdf
FSCWS-01-2002: Attachment 1pdf114 KBadministrative-letterpdf
FSCWS-01-2002: Attachment 2pdf161 KBadministrative-letterpdf
FSCWS-01-2002: Attachment 3pdf152 KBadministrative-letterpdf
FSCWS-01-2002: Attachment 4pdf96 KBadministrative-letterpdf
FSCWS-01-2002: Attachment 5pdf100 KBadministrative-letterpdf
DSS ADMINISTRATIVE LETTER NO. 01-02, Attachment 6pdf111 KBadministrative-letterpdf
FSCWS-07-2003: New Procedures for Changes to Claim Amounts and Balances in EPICSpdf138 KBadministrative-letterpdf
FSCWS-06-2003: Stumbo Case Decisionpdf26 KBadministrative-letterpdf
FSCWS-05-2003: Urine Drug Screening in Children’s Servicespdf18 KBadministrative-letterpdf
FSCWS-04-2003: 2003 Legislative Changes Impacting County DSS Policy and Practicepdf83 KBadministrative-letterpdf
FSCW ADMINISTRATIVE LETTER NO. 04-03, Attachmentpdf116 KBadministrative-letterpdf
FSCWS-03-2003: TANF Domestic Violence Fundingpdf80 KBadministrative-letterpdf
FSCWS-02-2003, Temporary Placement with Safety Resourcespdf105 KBadministrative-letterpdf
FSCWS-02-2003: Attachmentpdf105 KBadministrative-letterpdf
FSCWS-01-2003: Structured Intake Question and Answer Documentpdf69 KBadministrative-letterpdf
FSCWS-01-2003: Attachment 1pdf35 KBadministrative-letterpdf
FSCWS-01-2003: Attachment 2pdf8 KBadministrative-letterpdf
FSCWS-01-2003: Attachment 3pdf8 KBadministrative-letterpdf
FSCWS-06-2004: Social Security Cost-of-Living Increase for 2005 (COLA)pdf73 KBadministrative-letterpdf
FSCWS-04-2004: Use of Social Security Numberspdf81 KBadministrative-letterpdf
FSCWS-03-2004: Family Services Case Plan Revisions/New Family Services Agreementspdf75 KBadministrative-letterpdf
FSCWS-03-2004: Attachment 1pdf22 KBadministrative-letterpdf
FSCWS-03-2004: Attachment 2pdf41 KBadministrative-letterpdf
FSCWS-03-2004: Attachment 3pdf28 KBadministrative-letterpdf
FSCWS-03-2004: Attachment 4pdf27 KBadministrative-letterpdf
FSCWS-03-2004: Attachment 5pdf20 KBadministrative-letterpdf
FSCWS-03-2004: Attachment 6pdf19 KBadministrative-letterpdf
FSCWS-03-2004: Attachment 7pdf7 KBadministrative-letterpdf
FSCWS-03-2004: Attachment 8pdf13 KBadministrative-letterpdf
FSCWS-03-2004: Attachment 9pdf11 KBadministrative-letterpdf
FSCWS-03-2004: Attachment 10pdf11 KBadministrative-letterpdf
FSCWS-02-2004: Referrals for Early Intervention Services Updatepdf71 KBadministrative-letterpdf
FSCWS-01-2004: Referrals of Children with a Finding of Substantiated” or “In Need of Services” to Early Intervention Services”pdf142 KBadministrative-letterpdf
FSCWS-01-2004: Attachment 1pdf8 KBadministrative-letterpdf
FSCWS-01-2004: Attachment 2pdf13 KBadministrative-letterpdf
FSCWS-01-2004: Attachment 3pdf4 KBadministrative-letterpdf
FSCWS-09-2005: Work First Procedures for Hurricane Evacueespdf80 KBadministrative-letterpdf
FSCWS-09-2005: Attachmentpdf28 KBadministrative-letterpdf
FSCWS-08-2005: 2005 Family Support and Child Welfare Legislative Changespdf87 KBadministrative-letterpdf
FSCWS-08-2005: Attachmentpdf118 KBadministrative-letterpdf
FSCWS-07-2005: Work First Procedures for Hurricane Katrina Victimspdf73 KBadministrative-letterpdf
FSCWS-06-2005: New Legislation regarding Adoptive Families and Criminal Records Checkspdf139 KBadministrative-letterpdf
FSCWS-06-2005: Attachmentpdf53 KBadministrative-letterpdf
FSCWS-05-2005: New Federal Interpretation Effecting Policy on Education Training Voucherspdf168 KBadministrative-letterpdf
FSCWS-04-2005: Revisions to Structured Decision Making Toolspdf75 KBadministrative-letterpdf
FSCWS-04-2005: Attachment 1pdf114 KBadministrative-letterpdf
FSCWS-04-2005: Attachment 2pdf151 KBadministrative-letterpdf
FSCWS-04-2005: Attachment 3pdf97 KBadministrative-letterpdf
FSCWS-04-2005: Attachment 4pdf176 KBadministrative-letterpdf
FSCWS-04-2005: Attachment 5pdf168 KBadministrative-letterpdf
FSCWS-04-2005: Attachment 6pdf147 KBadministrative-letterpdf
FSCWS-03-2005: Work Firstpdf12 KBadministrative-letterpdf
FSCWS-02-2005: Documentation of Malicious CPS Reportspdf122 KBadministrative-letterpdf
FSCWS-02-2005: Attachmentpdf27 KBadministrative-letterpdf
FSCWS-01-2005: Sanction Policypdf86 KBadministrative-letterpdf
FSCWS-15-2006: Social Security Cost- of-Living Increase for 2007 (COLA)pdf73 KBadministrative-letterpdf
FSCWS-14-2006: Revisions to the Child and Family Services Review Protocolpdf124 KBadministrative-letterpdf
FSCWS-14-2006: Attachmentpdf64 KBadministrative-letterpdf
FSCWS-13-2006: Intake Screening of DWI Reportspdf20 KBadministrative-letterpdf
FSCWS-12-2006: Changes to Adoption and Foster Care Policypdf20 KBadministrative-letterpdf
FSCWS-11-2006: Family Support and Child Welfare Legislative Changespdf31 KBadministrative-letterpdf
FSCWS-10-2006: CPS Caseload Standards Reduced to 1:10 Policy and Practicepdf20 KBadministrative-letterpdf
FSCWS-09-2006: CPS Intake Guidancepdf76 KBadministrative-letterpdf
FSCWS-08-2006: Effect of Medicaid Citizenship Verification on Work Firstpdf67 KBadministrative-letterpdf
FSCWS-07-2006: CAPTA Provision Clarificationspdf72 KBadministrative-letterpdf
FSCWS-07-2006: AOC Criminal Records Checkspdf71 KBadministrative-letterpdf
FSCWS-06-2006: Clarification of Policy on Giving Legal Custody to Relativespdf131 KBadministrative-letterpdf
FSCWS-05-2006: Referrals for Early Intervention Services Change in Eligibilitypdf73 KBadministrative-letterpdf
FSCWS-05-2006: Attachmentpdf20 KBadministrative-letterpdf
FSCWS-04-2006: Anonymous Reporterspdf67 KBadministrative-letterpdf
FSCWS-03-2006: Change to DSS form #5228, NC Case Decision Summary/Initial Case Planpdf69 KBadministrative-letterpdf
FSCWS-03-2006: Attachmentpdf106 KBadministrative-letterpdf
FSCWS-01-2006: Social Security Cost-of-Living Increase for 2006 (COLA) pdf121 KBadministrative-letterpdf
FSCWS-18-2007: Review Process, Protocol/Instrument and Review Pilot Processpdf87 KBadministrative-letterpdf
FSCWS-18-2007: Attachment 1pdf263 KBadministrative-letterpdf
FSCWS-18-2007: Attachment 2pdf30 KBadministrative-letterpdf
FSCWS-18-2007: Attachment 3pdf63 KBadministrative-letterpdf
FSCWS-18-2007: Attachment 4pdf203 KBadministrative-letterpdf
FSCWS-17-2007: Use of a Child’s Resourcespdf22 KBadministrative-letterpdf
FSCWS-16-2007: New Procedures for Agency Error County Responsible Overpayment (CROP) and Agency Error Client Collectible (AE_C)pdf26 KBadministrative-letterpdf
FSCWS-14-2007: Social Security Cost- of-Living Increase for 2008 (COLA)pdf19 KBadministrative-letterpdf
FSCWS-13-2007: Interstate Match Addendum 1pdf20 KBadministrative-letterpdf
FSCWS-13-2007: Interstate Matchpdf190 KBadministrative-letterpdf
FSCWS-11-2007: Citizenship and Identity Verification for Work Firstpdf120 KBadministrative-letterpdf
FSCWS-10-2007: Family Support and Child Welfare Legislative Changespdf166 KBadministrative-letterpdf
FSCWS-09-2007: Veteran’s Affairs Matchpdf276 KBadministrative-letterpdf
FSCWS-08-2007: Use of Minimum Wage For Work Experiencepdf76 KBadministrative-letterpdf
FSCWS-07-2007: Release of HIV status and information on a child in DSS custody to foster parents and residential care providerspdf129 KBadministrative-letterpdf
FSCWS-06-2007: Social Security Administration Data Access in SCC4CICS and Online Verificationpdf75 KBadministrative-letterpdf
FSCWS-05-2007: National Directory of New Hirepdf241 KBadministrative-letterpdf
FSCWS-04-2007: New Federal Legislation and Implementation Datespdf161 KBadministrative-letterpdf
FSCWS-03-2007: Work First: Title IV-B, Title IV-E, And Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) Citizenship/Identity Requirementspdf226 KBadministrative-letterpdf
FSCWS-02-2007: Use of Electronic Signaturespdf75 KBadministrative-letterpdf
FSCWS-01-2007: Expunction Policy Clarificationpdf29 KBadministrative-letterpdf
FSCWS-01-2007: Attachmentpdf11 KBadministrative-letterpdf
FSCWS-15-2008: Funding for Work First Functional Assessmentspdf27 KBadministrative-letterpdf
FSCWS-13-2008: Guidance Regarding Immigration Status, Citizenship and Social Security Numberspdf20 KBadministrative-letterpdf
FSCWS-12-2008: Increase in Minimum Wagepdf18 KBadministrative-letterpdf
FSCWS-11-2008: Central Registry Pen and Ink Changes for Section 1426pdf24 KBadministrative-letterpdf
FSCWS-10-2008: Addition to the Child Placement and Payment Report (DSS-5094)pdf133 KBadministrative-letterpdf
FSCWS-09-2008: Caretaker Definitionpdf22 KBadministrative-letterpdf
FSCWS-08-2008: Expanded Policy on Pre-adoptive Placements, Licensing Issues and Collaboration Among Public and Private Agencies Providing CPS, Foster Care, and Adoption Services. FLSA and Child Support Income; Tax Rebate Checkspdf36 KBadministrative-letterpdf
FSCWS-07-2008: Clarification Related to Child and Family Services Review Process, Protocol and Instrument and Child Welfare Policypdf35 KBadministrative-letterpdf
FSCWS-07-2008: Attachment 1pdf33 KBadministrative-letterpdf
FSCWS-07-2008: Attachment 2pdf33 KBadministrative-letterpdf
FSCWS-07-2008: Attachment 3pdf34 KBadministrative-letterpdf
FSCWS-06-2008: FLSA and Child Support Income; Tax Rebate Checkspdf20 KBadministrative-letterpdf
FSCWS-05-2008: Eligibility of Iraqi and Afghan aliens who have been granted special immigrant status for Federal TANF and State Maintenance of Effort (MOE) benefitspdf25 KBadministrative-letterpdf
FSCWS-04-2008: Central Registry Pen and Ink Changes for Section 1426pdf150 KBadministrative-letterpdf
FSCWS-03-08: NC Reach Scholarships for Former Foster Youthpdf29 KBadministrative-letterpdf
FSCWS-01-2008: New Mandated Training Requirementspdf39 KBadministrative-letterpdf
FSCWS-01-2008: Attachmentpdf26 KBadministrative-letterpdf
CWS-AL-08-2009: Revised Structured Decision Making Tools And Trainingpdf36 KBadministrative-letterpdf
CWS-AL-08-2009: Attachment 1pdf41 KBadministrative-letterpdf
CWS-AL-08-2009: Attachment 2pdf177 KBadministrative-letterpdf
CWS-AL-08-2009: Attachment 3pdf131 KBadministrative-letterpdf
CWS-AL-08-2009: Attachment 4pdf201 KBadministrative-letterpdf
CWS-AL-08-2009: Attachment 5pdf142 KBadministrative-letterpdf
CWS-AL-08-2009: Attachment 6pdf175 KBadministrative-letterpdf
CWS-AL-08-2009: Attachment 7pdf255 KBadministrative-letterpdf
CWS-AL-07-2009: Child Welfare Legislative Changes For 2009pdf42 KBadministrative-letterpdf
CWS-AL-06-2009: Use Of Links Funds For Internet Searchpdf29 KBadministrative-letterpdf
CWS-AL-05-2009: Changes to the Central Registry System and Corresponding Policy Updatespdf25 KBadministrative-letterpdf
CWS-AL-04-2009: SIS SSN Conversion And Upcoming Changespdf29 KBadministrative-letterpdf
CWS-AL-04-2009: Attachmentpdf14 KBadministrative-letterpdf
CWS-AL-03-2009: Clarification Regarding Out Of State Reports Of Abuse Or Neglect Or Out Of State Perpetrators And North Carolina CPS Assessmentspdf22 KBadministrative-letterpdf
CWS-AL-02-2009: New Federal Legislation – The Fostering Connections To Success And Increasing Adoptions Act of 2008 (Public Law 110-351)pdf40 KBadministrative-letterpdf
CWS-AL-01-2009: Changes To The Central Registry System And Corresponding Policy Updatespdf25 KBadministrative-letterpdf
CWS-AL-40-2010: RIL Legislative And Policy Updatepdf56 KBadministrative-letterpdf
CWS-AL-02-2010: New IV-E Policy On Redeterminations And Use Of IV-E On Daysheetspdf29 KBadministrative-letterpdf
CWS-AL-01-2010: Revised Structured Decision Making Toolspdf26 KBadministrative-letterpdf
CWS-AL-07-2011: Assignment of SIS ID numbers following the entry of the Decree of Adoptionpdf35 KBadministrative-letterpdf
CWS-AL-06-2011: Child Welfare Legislative Changes for 2011pdf53 KBadministrative-letterpdf
CWS-AL-05-2011: Responsible Individuals List Policy Interpretation And Updatepdf43 KBadministrative-letterpdf
CWS-AL-04-2011: Completion Of The DSS-5104 When The Identity Of The Perpetrator Is Unknownpdf29 KBadministrative-letterpdf
CWS-AL-03-2011: Consent To Explore American Indian Heritage (DSS-5335) And Fostering Connections/Tribal Relative Search (DSS-5336)pdf36 KBadministrative-letterpdf
CWS-AL-02-2011: Tax Relief, Unemployment Insurance Reauthorization and Job Creation Act of 2010 and the Revised DSS-5120pdf29 KBadministrative-letterpdf
CWS-AL-01-2011: Correction To Responsible Individuals List Form (DSS-5104A) Instructionspdf36 KBadministrative-letterpdf
CWS-AL-05-2012: Child Welfare Legislative Changes for 2012pdf33 KBadministrative-letterpdf
CWS-AL-04-2012: Changes In Use Of Title IV-E Administrative Funds As A Result Of The Federal Administrative Cost Reviewpdf46 KBadministrative-letterpdf
CWS-AL-03-2012: Adoption Assistance Benefits Rule Changespdf32 KBadministrative-letterpdf
CWS-AL-02-2012: DSS-5104 (Report to Central Registry / CPS Application) Instructions update regarding maltreatment reported type and unknown perpetratorpdf36 KBadministrative-letterpdf
CWS-AL-01-2012: Education Stability and Credit Checks for Older Youth in Carepdf32 KBadministrative-letterpdf
CWS-AL-03-2013: Child Welfare Legislative Changes For 2013 Regular (Long) Sessionpdf104 KBadministrative-letterpdf
CWS-AL-02-2013: Revised Procedures For The Transfer Of Placement And Responsibility Of A Child From A State To A Tribal IV-E Agency Or Indian Tribe With A IV-E Agreementpdf39 KBadministrative-letterpdf
CWS-AL-01-2013: Procedures For The Transfer Of Placement And Responsibility Of A Child From A State To A Tribal IV-E Agency Or Indian Tribe With A IV-E Agreementpdf58 KBadministrative-letterpdf
CWS-AL-02-2014: Safe harbor For Victims Of Human Traffickingpdf47 KBadministrative-letterpdf
CWS-AL-01-2014: New Requirements For Licensure Of Foster Applicants And Approval Of Adoptive Applicantspdf147 KBadministrative-letterpdf
CWS-AL-04-2015: State Child Welfare Legislative Changes For 2015 Regular (Long) Session And Certain Federal Child Welfare Legislationpdf295 KBadministrative-letterpdf
CWS-AL-03-2015: Definition Of Caretakerpdf90 KBadministrative-letterpdf
CWS-AL-02-2015: Child Care Investigationspdf97 KBadministrative-letterpdf
CWS-AL-01-2015: Attachmentpdf308 KBadministrative-letterpdf
CWS-AL-03-2016: Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians (EBCI) Public Health and Human Services Agency (PHHS)pdf119 KBadministrative-letterpdf
CWS-AL-02-2016: State Child Welfare Legislative Changes 2016pdf229 KBadministrative-letterpdf
CWS-AL-01-2016: New Health History And Health Summary Forms To Be Completed For Children And Youth In Foster Carepdf81 KBadministrative-letterpdf
CWS-AL-01-2019: State Child Welfare Legislative Changes 2019pdf57 KBadministrative-letterpdf
CPPS-CN-04-2002: New Child Placement and Payment System Manualpdf16 KBchange-noticepdf
CS-CN-02-2002: Revised Chapter XI: Interstate/Intercountry Services to Children Manualpdf16 KBchange-noticepdf
CPPS-CN-03-2003: Child Placement and Payment Systempdf20 KBchange-noticepdf
CPPS-CN-01-2003: Chapter VIII: Protective Services Manual has been revised to incorporate Section 1407: Structured Intakepdf143 KBchange-noticepdf
CW-CN-11-2004: New Chapter IX: Drug Endangered Children and Fourteen (14) Attachmentspdf102 KBchange-noticepdf
PP-CN-09-2004: New Chapter XII, Problem Pregnancy Servicespdf122 KBchange-noticepdf
CS-CN-08-2004: Amended Question and Answer Document, Structured Intake Report Form, and Section 1407, Structured Intakepdf74 KBchange-noticepdf
DV-CN-07-2004: Revised Section 1409: Domestic Violencepdf128 KBchange-noticepdf
CS-CN-06-2004: New Section 1432: State Child Fatality Review Protocol and four (4) attachmentspdf112 KBchange-noticepdf
CPS-CN-01-2004: New Section 1409: Domestic Violencepdf8 KBchange-noticepdf
CS-CN-05-2005: New LINKS policy, Chapter VIII of Section 1201 of the Child Placement Manualpdf66 KBchange-noticepdf
CS-CN-04-2005: Revised Manual and Formpdf69 KBchange-noticepdf
CPPS-CN-04-2005: Revised Manual and Formpdf27 KBchange-noticepdf
CS-CN-03-2005: Revised Section 1418: Investigative Assessments in Child Care Facilitiespdf73 KBchange-noticepdf
PP-CN-02-2005: Volume I, Chapter XII, Problem Pregnancy Services is now onlinepdf122 KBchange-noticepdf
CS-CN-01-2005: Family Services, Volume 1, Children’s Services, Chapter IV, Child Placement, Section 1201pdf74 KBchange-noticepdf
CPPS-CN-04-2006: Revised Manualpdf125 KBchange-noticepdf
CS-CN-03-2006: Revised Manual and Formspdf16 KBchange-noticepdf
CS-CN-01-2006: New Funding Manual for Child Welfare Servicespdf68 KBchange-noticepdf
CS-CN-01-2006: Revised manual material and formpdf138 KBchange-noticepdf
CS-CN-01-2006: New Manual Material and Formspdf188 KBchange-noticepdf
CS-CPS-CN-07-2007: Clarifications and updates to current policypdf51 KBchange-noticepdf
CSC-CN-06-2007: New Policy: Infant Born to an Incarcerated Mother Program(Previously known as the Prison Baby Program)pdf19 KBchange-noticepdf
CS-CN-05-2007: Revisions to the Family Services User’s Manual; Volume 1, Chapter VIII. Protective Services, Section 1426-Central Registry. Attachment 1-Central Registry User’s Manual, Section III. DSS-5104 Entry, and Section VII. DSS-5104 FORM FIELDS AND CODESpdf28 KBchange-noticepdf
CS-CN-04-2007: Safe Surrender Policypdf124 KBchange-noticepdf
CS-CN-03-2007: Revised Adolescent Services Section of the Child Placement Manualpdf124 KBchange-noticepdf
CSC-CN: 02-2007, Revised Parts V and VI of Chapter XIII, The Child Welfare Funding Manualpdf130 KBchange-noticepdf
CPPS-CN-01-2007: Revisions/corrections to the CPPS – Child Placement and Payment System User’s Manual, section Part IIpdf33 KBchange-noticepdf
CS-CN-01-2007: Updated Child Protective Services Manualpdf33 KBchange-noticepdf
CS-CN-11-2008: Drug Endangered Children Policy Revisionspdf26 KBchange-noticepdf
CS-CN-10-2008: New Shared Parenting Policypdf18 KBchange-noticepdf
CS-CN-09-2008: Section 1412 CPS In-Home Servicespdf28 KBchange-noticepdf
CS-CN-08-2008, Program Improvement Policy Changespdf32 KBchange-noticepdf
CS-CN-07-2008: Program Improvement Policy Changespdf128 KBchange-noticepdf
CS-CN-06-2008: Section 1428, Confidentiality and Release of Informationpdf17 KBchange-noticepdf
CS-CN-05-2008: Program Improvement Policy Changes-Revisions made to Chapter IV: Child Placement Services, Chapter V: Jurisdiction in Child Welfare, and Chapter VIII, Child Protective Servicespdf35 KBchange-noticepdf
CPS-CN-04-2008: Additions to the Family Services User’s Manual; Volume 1 Chapter VIII. Protective Services, Section 1427 – Attachment 1 – Responsible Individual List User’s Manualpdf25 KBchange-noticepdf
CPS-CN-03-2008: Clarifications and updates to current policy-Chapter VIII, Section 1408 Investigative and Family Assessmentspdf16 KBchange-noticepdf
CS-CN-02-2008: Revised Manualpdf23 KBchange-noticepdf
CWS-CN-01-2008: Confidential Intermediary Policypdf16 KBchange-noticepdf
CPS-CN-01-2008: Section 1412 CPS In-Home Services, Section 1418 Investigative Assessments in Child Care Facilities, Section 1438 Medical Neglect of Disabled Infants With Life Threatening Conditionspdf17 KBchange-noticepdf
CWS-CN-10-2009: Policy Resulting from Fostering Connections to Success and Increasing Adoptions Act of 2008; Relative Notification Policypdf32 KBchange-noticepdf
CWS-CN-09-2009: Revision of Chapter IV: Child Placement, Section 1201, Adolescent Services NC LINKS – Resulting from Fostering Connections to Success and Increasing Adoptions of 2008; Emancipation Plan Provisionpdf31 KBchange-noticepdf
CWS-CN-08-2009: Revision of Chapter XIII, Section 1600 Adoption Assistance, Child Welfare Funding Manualpdf28 KBchange-noticepdf
CWS-CN-07-2009: Changes to the Central Registry Report User Manual Implemented January 2009pdf29 KBchange-noticepdf
CWS-CN-04-2009: Program Improvement Policy Changespdf20 KBchange-noticepdf
CWS CHANGE NOTICE NO. 03-2009, Adoption Services and Adoption Assistance Policy Changespdf16 KBchange-noticepdf
CWS-CN-02-2009: Revision of the Title IV-E Foster Care Fundingpdf19 KBchange-noticepdf
CWS-CN-01-2009: CFT Meeting Policy Including CFT Documentation Instrument (Attachment 1)pdf21 KBchange-noticepdf
CWS-CN-07-2010: North Carolina ICPC Policy Revisionspdf29 KBchange-noticepdf
CWS-CN-06-2010: Confidential Intermediary Services Policy Revisionspdf29 KBchange-noticepdf
CWS-CN-05-2010: NC LINKS Policy Revisionspdf27 KBchange-noticepdf
CWS-CN-04-2010: evision of Chapter XIII, Section 1600 Adoption Assistance, Child Welfare Funding Manual (XII. Vendor Payments to Medical or Therapeutic Providers)pdf27 KBchange-noticepdf
CWS-CN-03-2010: Adoption Exchange (NC KIDS) Policypdf31 KBchange-noticepdf
CWS-CN-02-2010: Policy Resulting From Fostering Connections to Success and Increasing Adoptions Act of 2008; Education Stability for Children in Foster Carepdf27 KBchange-noticepdf
CPPS-CN-01-2010, This change notice transmits revisions/corrections to the CPPS – Child Placement and Payment System User’s Manual, Part III.pdf23 KBchange-noticepdf
CWS-CN-01-2010: North Carolina Court of Appeals Ruling – Constitutionality of the Responsible Individuals Listpdf30 KBchange-noticepdf
CWS-CN-02-2011: Implementation of the Automated Responsible Individuals List (RIL)pdf58 KBchange-noticepdf
CWS-CN-01-2011: Completing the DSS-5094 Form, Field 19 Placement Authority and Field 55 Funding Source Codespdf31 KBchange-noticepdf
CWS-CN-03-2012: Responsible Individuals List / Central Registry Criminal Code Additionpdf34 KBchange-noticepdf
FHLM-CN-02-2012: Foster Home Licensing Manualpdf28 KBchange-noticepdf
CWS-CN-01-2012: Foster Home Licensing Manualpdf28 KBchange-noticepdf
CWS-CN-12-2013: Revision of Chapter VIII; Section 1427pdf85 KBchange-noticepdf
CWS-CN-11-2013: Amendments to the Foster Home Licensing Manual to Include: Table of Contents and Chapter VIII, Miscellaneous, Item Jpdf98 KBchange-noticepdf
CWS-CN-07-2013: Revision of Intensive Family Preservation Services Programpdf135 KBchange-noticepdf
CWS-CN-05-2013: Revision of Section 1427pdf108 KBchange-noticepdf
CWS-FR-CN-05-2013: Revision of Time-Limited Family Reunification Services Policypdf184 KBchange-noticepdf
CWS-CN-04-2013: Revision of Responsible Individuals List Sample Letterpdf54 KBchange-noticepdf
FHLM-CN-03-2013: Amendments to the Foster Home Licensing Manual to Include: Table of Contents, Section.0700, Section .1100, Chapter VII, and Chapter IXpdf40 KBchange-noticepdf
CWS-CN-02-2013: Revision of Chapter VIII. 1422. Child Medical & Child/Family Evaluation Program (CMEP/CFEP)pdf108 KBchange-noticepdf
ICPC-CN-01-2013: Amendments to Interstate Compact on the Placement of Children (ICPC) Regulations: II, III, IV, V, VII and Adoption of Regulation XIIpdf29 KBchange-noticepdf
CWS-CN-04-2014: Revision of the Child Placement and Payment System Manualpdf26 KBchange-noticepdf
FHLM-CN-01-2014, Amendments to the Foster Home Licensing Manual to Include: Table of Contents; Chapter VII, Section .1100; Chapter VIII-Miscellaneouspdf32 KBchange-noticepdf
CWS-CN-01-2014: Revision of Responsible Individuals List Policypdf33 KBchange-noticepdf
CPPS-CN-01-2014: Child Placement and Payment System Manual Instructionspdf52 KBchange-noticepdf
CWS-CN-02-2015: Revision of 1201 – Child Placement Services Policy; Revision of Chapter VIII: Protective Services, Section 1426 – Central Registry Policy; Revision of Chapter IV: Child Placement and Payment System (CPPS); Revision of Forms; Posting of Reasonable and Prudent Parent Activities Guide; and Posting of Applying the Reasonable and Prudent Parent Standard Toolpdf249 KBchange-noticepdf
CWS-CN-05-2016: Revision of Chapter XIII: Child Welfare Funding Manual New Section 1700 – Guardianship Assistance Programpdf228 KBchange-noticepdf
CWS-CN-04-2016: Foster Care 18 to 21 Policypdf226 KBchange-noticepdf
CWS-CN-03-2016: Safety Planning Policy & Use of Temporary Parental Safety Agreements Including Temporary Safety Providerspdf153 KBchange-noticepdf
CWS-CN-02-2016: Child Welfare Services Manual Revision, Chapter VIII: Child Protective Services, Section 1407 – Structured Intake. Revised guidance regarding the screening of DWI/DUI reports with child in vehicle, registered sex offenders living in homes with children, human traffickingpdf149 KBchange-noticepdf
CWS-CN-01-2016: Conflict of Interest Policypdf225 KBchange-noticepdf
CWS-CN-07-2017: Rylan’s Law / CPS Observationpdf25 KBchange-noticepdf
CWS-CN-06-2017: North Carolina’s Response to Legislative Amendments to the Child Abuse Prevention and Treatment Act: Substance Affected Infant Policy and Plan of Safe Carepdf30 KBchange-noticepdf
CWS-CN-04-2017: Updates to Chapter 1201 – Child Placement Services Sections I., II., IV., V., X., Addition of Section XIIIpdf293 KBchange-noticepdf
CWS-CN-03-2017: Revision to Chapter XIII: Child Welfare Funding Manual, Section 1700 – Guardianship Assistance Programpdf365 KBchange-noticepdf
CPPS-CN-03-2017: County Case Number Required on DSS-5094 Entriespdf125 KBchange-noticepdf
CWS-CN-02-2017: Revision to Chapter IV: Child Placement and Payment System regarding Foster Care 18 to 21pdf309 KBchange-noticepdf
CPPS-CN-01-2017: Revision of the Child Placement and Payment Manualpdf340 KBchange-noticepdf
CWS-CN-01-2017: Revision of Intensive Family Preservation Services Programpdf135 KBchange-noticepdf
CWS-CN-08-2018: Revision to Chapter XIII: Child Welfare Funding Manual, Section1600 – Adoption Assistance Paymentspdf64 KBchange-noticepdf
CWS-CN-06-2018: Chapter VIII: Protective Services, Section 1426 – Central Registrypdf210 KBchange-noticepdf
CWS-CN-05-2018: Revision to Modified Manual – CPS Intake, CPS Assessments, and Creation of Cross-Function Topic: Human Traffickingpdf61 KBchange-noticepdf
CWS-CN-04-2018: Revision to Foster Home Licensing Manualpdf770 KBchange-noticepdf
CWS-CN-03-2018: Revision to NC LINKS Policy on documents required to be provided to youth aging out of foster carepdf293 KBchange-noticepdf
CWS-CN-02-2018: Revision to Chapter XIII: Child Welfare Funding Manual, Section 1600- Adoptionpdf808 KBchange-noticepdf
CWS-CN-01-2019: Chapter IV-CPPS: New Form DSS-5094A and Removal of DSS-5106pdf1 MBchange-noticepdf
CWS-CN-01-2020: Revision to Policy and Guidance, Notification of Policy Manual Updatepdf51 KBchange-noticepdf
CWS-CN-01-2020: Attachment – Manual Policy Revision Crosswalkpdf176 KBchange-noticepdf
CWS-CN-04-2021: DSS-5104 Clarification to Instructions Field 12pdf171 KBchange-noticepdf
CWS-CN-04-2021: Attachment – Appendix 1 CPS Data Collection February 2021pdf3 MBchange-noticepdf
CWS-CN-05-2021: Policy Updatepdf87 KBchange-noticepdf
CWS-CN-05-2021: Attachment 1 – Interstate Compact on the Placement of Children (ICPC Policy Manual) Revisionpdf810 KBchange-noticepdf
CWS-CN-05-2021: Attachment 2 – Permanency Planning Manual Revisionpdf2 MBchange-noticepdf
CWS-CN-06-2021: Policy Updatepdf64 KBchange-noticepdf
CWS-CN-06-2021: Attachment 1 – Appendix 3.5 Foster Care Fundingpdf669 KBchange-noticepdf
CWS-CN-06-2021: Attachment 2 – Appendix 2 CPPSpdf621 KBchange-noticepdf
CWS-CN-01-2022: Policy Updatepdf127 KBchange-noticepdf
CWS-CN-01-2022: Attachment – Permanency Planning Manualpdf2 MBchange-noticepdf
CWS-CN-02-2022: Policy Updatepdf289 KBchange-noticepdf
CWS-CN-02-2022: Attachment – Permanency Planning Manualpdf2 MBchange-noticepdf
CWS-CN-03-2022: Policy Updatepdf90 KBchange-noticepdf
CWS-CN-03-2022: Attachment – Permanency Planning Manualpdf2 MBchange-noticepdf
CWS-CN-03-2022: Attachment – Form DSS-6190pdf128 KBchange-noticepdf
CWS-CN-04-2022: Policy Updatepdf124 KBchange-noticepdf
CWS-CN-04-2022: Attachment – Permanency Planning Manualpdf2 MBchange-noticepdf
CWS-CN-01-2023: Policy Updatepdf28 KBchange-noticepdf
CWS-CN-02-2023: Policy Updatepdf109 KBchange-noticepdf
CWS-CN-04-2023: Policy Updatepdf119 KBchange-noticepdf
CWS-CN-01-2024: Policy Updatepdf128 KBchange-noticepdf
007_In-Home Servicespdf764 KBmanualpdf
Child Welfare Resources for Using Circles of Safety and Support to Build Safety Networks with Familiespdf268 KBpolicypdf
019_Appendix 3.6 Child Welfare Funding – Adoption Assistancepdf383 KBmanualpdf
Child Welfare Resource for Unsafe Discipline Vs. Physical Abusepdf192 KBpolicypdf
004_CPS Intakepdf2 MBmanualpdf
NC Child Welfare Disaster Planpdf463 KBpolicypdf