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SCCA Policy Manual

#DCDEE SCCA Program Policy Manual What’s New 10-1-2023pdf132 KB
Chapter 01: Child Care Servicespdf195 KB
Chapter 02: Funding for Subsidized Child Care Servicespdf183 KB
Chapter 03: Attachment 1 LPA Responsibilitiespdf188 KB
Chapter 03: Roles and Responsibilitiespdf227 KB
Chapter 04: Application, Eligibility Determination and Documentationpdf366 KB
Chapter 04: Attachment 1 – Sample Narrative Documentation Recordpdf27 KB
Chapter 04: Attachment 2 – Sample Referral Formpdf114 KB
Chapter 04: Attachment 3 – Verification of Child Supportdocx22 KB
Chapter 04: Attachment 4 – Living Arrangement Fact Sheetpdf114 KB
Chapter 05: Establishing Need and a Plan of Carepdf276 KB
Chapter 06: Attachment 1 Supplemental Payments Fact Sheetpdf117 KB
Chapter 06: Serving Children with Special Needspdf100 KB
Chapter 07: Attachment 1 – Verification Form for Self-Employmentpdf390 KB
Chapter 07: Attachment 2 – Countable and Non-Countable Income Clarification Chartpdf96 KB
Chapter 07: Family Definition and Determining Income Eligibilitypdf481 KB
Chapter 08: Parental Feespdf201 KB
Chapter 09: Attachment 1 – Child Care Voucher Procedures Timeline Chartpdf179 KB
Chapter 09: Parental Choice and Voucher Procedurespdf112 KB
Chapter 10: Attachment 1 – County Waiting List Guidepdf92 KB
Chapter 10: Attachment 2 – Local Policy Templatepdf163 KB
Chapter 10: Local Options and Waiting List Policiespdf133 KB
Chapter 11: Responding to Eligibility Changes and Redeterminationpdf242 KB
Chapter 12: Licensing Requirements, Non-Compliance, and Sanctionspdf222 KB
Chapter 13: Recipient Rights and Responsibilitiespdf213 KB
Chapter 14: Child Maltreatmentpdf201 KB
Chapter 15: Approval and Enrollment Procedures for Licensed Facilitiespdf221 KB
Chapter 16: Payment Policiespdf315 KB
Chapter 17: Payment Ratespdf312 KB
Chapter 18: Attachment 1 Provider Repayment Agreement Sample Formpdf86 KB
Chapter 18: Fraudulent Misrepresentation, Improper Payments, Sanctions, and Appealspdf147 KB
SCCA Acronyms and Definitionspdf278 KB
SCCA Appendix A: Special Needs Reference Materialpdf544 KB
SCCA Appendix B: Attachment 1 – Emergency Voucher (DCD-0447)pdf62 KB
SCCA Appendix B: Procedures for Emergency Subsidized Child Carepdf212 KB