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Refugee Assistance

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01 Chapter I: Refugee Service Programspdf300 KBmanualpdf
02 Chapter II: Refugee Medical Assistance Programpdf314 KBmanualpdf
03 Chapter III: Refugee Cash Assistance Programpdf396 KBmanualpdf
04 Chapter IV: Refugee Social Servicespdf338 KBmanualpdf
05 Chapter V: Refugee Assistance Monitoringpdf148 KBmanualpdf
06 Appendix A – Local Affiliate Offices for National Voluntary Agenciespdf116 KBmanualpdf
07 Appendix B – NC Refugee Service Providerspdf154 KBmanualpdf
08 Appendix C – Refugee Social Service Codes, Services, Descriptions & Unitspdf202 KBmanualpdf
09 Appendix D – 2021 Federal Poverty Guidelinespdf110 KBmanualpdf
10 Appendix E – Refugee Fact Sheetpdf80 KBmanualpdf
11 Appendix F – Asylee Fact Sheetpdf98 KBmanualpdf
12 Appendix G – Cuban & Haitian Entrants Fact Sheetpdf100 KBmanualpdf
13 Appendix H – Central American Minors (CAM) Fact Sheetpdf258 KBmanualpdf
14 Appendix I – Special Immigrant Visa (SIV) Holders or SQ/SI Parolees from Afghanistan and Iraq Fact Sheetpdf136 KBmanualpdf
15 Appendix J – Afghan Humanitarian Parolees Fact Sheetpdf287 KBmanualpdf
16 Appendix K – Victim of Human Trafficking Fact Sheetpdf76 KBmanualpdf
17 Appendix K1 – Victim of Human Trafficking Certification Fact Sheetpdf397 KBmanualpdf
18 Appendix L – Benefits for Ukrainian Humanitarian Parolees Fact Sheetpdf867 KBmanualpdf
AL-11-2005: Refugee Cash and Medical Assistance for Evacuee Refugeespdf72 KBadministrative-letterpdf
AL-01-2008: Refugee Cash and Medical Assistance for Iraqi and Afghani Special Immigrantspdf26 KBadministrative-letterpdf
AL-01-2008: Attachment 1pdf18 KBadministrative-letterpdf
AL-01-2008: Attachment 2pdf18 KBadministrative-letterpdf
AAL-02-2009: Refugee Medical Assistance for Family Reunification Casespdf28 KBadministrative-letterpdf
AL-01-2009: Refugee Cash, Refugee Medical Assistance and Refugee Social Services for Afghani Special Immigrantspdf31 KBadministrative-letterpdf
EFS-RA-AL-02-2018: Refugee Medical Assistance Exception to the Medicaid Family Planning Services and Supplies Programpdf190 KBadministrative-letterpdf
EFS-RA-AL-01-2018: Eligibility for Refugee Medical Assistance Clarificationpdf127 KBadministrative-letterpdf
EFS-RA-AL-01-2019: Medical Assistance for Refugeespdf115 KBadministrative-letterpdf
EFS-RA-AL-01-2020: Refugee Cash Assistance Certification Period Extensionpdf113 KBadministrative-letterpdf
EFS-RA-AL-02-2020: Refugee Medical Assistance Certification Period Extensionpdf117 KBadministrative-letterpdf
RA-CN-01-2002: The enactment of the Refugee Act of 1980, Pub. L. No. 96-212 formally established national requirements for providing assistance to refugees. The Federal refugee program, administered by the states, includes Refugee Cash Assistance, and Refugee Medical Assistance.pdf20 KBchange-noticepdf
RA-CN-01-2004: Update and clarify Refugee Assistance policy.pdf12 KBchange-noticepdf
RA-CN-01-2009: Update and clarify Refugee Assistance policypdf11 KBchange-noticepdf
RA-CN-01-2010: To update and clarify Refugee Assistance policy.pdf34 KBchange-noticepdf
RA-CN-01-2012: To update the following Appendices (A,B,F and T)pdf26 KBchange-noticepdf
RA-CN-01-2013: Update Appendix A – Local Affiliate Offices for National Voluntary Agencies and Appendix B – NC Refugee Service Providerspdf24 KBchange-noticepdf
RA-CN-01-2016: Policy Updatespdf29 KBchange-noticepdf
RA-CN-01-2021: Policy Updatespdf24 KBchange-noticepdf
RA-CN-01-2021: Attachment – Chapter III, Refugee Cash Assistance Programpdf258 KBchange-noticepdf
RA-CN-01-2022: 00 Policy Updatepdf94 KBchange-noticepdf
RA-CN-01-2022: Attachment 01 – Chapter Ipdf286 KBchange-noticepdf
RA-CN-01-2022: Attachment 02 – Chapter IIpdf195 KBchange-noticepdf
RA-CN-01-2022: Attachment 03 – Chapter IIIpdf251 KBchange-noticepdf
RA-CN-01-2022: Attachment 04 – Chapter IVpdf207 KBchange-noticepdf
RA-CN-01-2022: Attachment 05 – Chapter Vpdf156 KBchange-noticepdf
RA-CN-02-2022: 00 Policy Updatepdf69 KBchange-noticepdf
CN-02-2022: Attachment 01 – Chapter Ipdf309 KBchange-noticepdf
RN-CN-02-2022: Attachment 02 – Chapter IIpdf279 KBchange-noticepdf
RA-CN-02-2022: Attachment – Chapter IIIpdf286 KBchange-noticepdf
RN-CN-01-2023: 00 Policy Updatepdf33 KBchange-noticepdf
RN-CN-01-2023: Attachment 01 – Chapter Ipdf335 KBchange-noticepdf
RN-CN-01-2023: Attachment 02 – Chapter IIpdf341 KBchange-noticepdf
RN-CN-01-2023: Attachment 03 – Chapter IIIpdf316 KBchange-noticepdf
RN-CN-01-2023: Attachment 04 – Chapter IVpdf369 KBchange-noticepdf
RN-CN-01-2023: Attachment 05 – Chapter Vpdf152 KBchange-noticepdf
RN-CN-01-2023: Attachment 06 – Appendix Apdf116 KBchange-noticepdf
RN-CN-01-2023: Attachment 07 – Appendix Bpdf151 KBchange-noticepdf
RN-CN-01-2023: Attachment 08 – Appendix Cpdf202 KBchange-noticepdf
RN-CN-01-2023: Attachment 09 – Appendix Gpdf100 KBchange-noticepdf
RN-CN-01-2023: Attachment 10 – Appendix Lpdf397 KBchange-noticepdf
RN-CN-01-2023: Attachment 11 – Appendix K1pdf867 KBchange-noticepdf
RN-CN-02-2023: 00 Policy Updatepdf92 KBchange-noticepdf
RN-CN-02-2023: Attachment 01 – Chapter Ipdf320 KBchange-noticepdf
RN-CN-02-2023: Attachment 02 – Chapter IIpdf362 KBchange-noticepdf
RN-CN-02-2023: Attachment 03 – Chapter IIIpdf350 KBchange-noticepdf
RN-CN-02-2023: Attachment 04 – Appendix Bpdf154 KBchange-noticepdf
RN-CN-02-2023: Attachment 05 – Appendix Dpdf105 KBchange-noticepdf
RA-CN-01-2024: Attachment 1 – Chapter Ipdf320 KBchange-noticepdf
RA-CN-01-2024: 00 Policy Updatepdf91 KBchange-noticepdf
RA-CN-01-2024: Attachment 2 – Chapter IIpdf334 KBchange-noticepdf
RA-CN-01-2024: Attachment 3 – Chapter IIIpdf396 KBchange-noticepdf
RA-CN-01-2024: Attachment 4 – Appendix Dpdf110 KBchange-noticepdf